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LightSpeed integrates sales, inventory, and purchasing processes to get you the right merchandise at the right time to cut costs and boost sales.

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Simplify stock management.

Powerful inventory and purchasing tools at the heart of LightSpeed reduce effort, inefficiency and waste.

  • Track inventory and serialised product with precision as it moves through your store.
  • Color-coding shows you what's available and what's coming at any given time.
  • Virtual Warehouses allow you to transfer stock from your sellable inventory to one of ten 'stockpiles', ie. Demo equipment, desktop units, repairs.
  • Re-order points prompt you when product levels run low.
  • Label Designer gives you full control of the layout of your product labels, including the ability to add graphics, product dimensions and other additional data.
Get help with inventory counts

Get help with inventory counts.

Use scanner-driven input for rapid stocktaking that is both simple and accurate.

  • Complete full or partial inventory counts of your products to set initial stock levels, or manage your regular counts.
  • LightSpeed can also generate and print barcode labels that can be affixed to gift certificates or gift cards.
  • Compare counted totals with current levels to find discrepancies quickly and easily.
Truly inspired purchasing power

Truly inspired purchasing power.

LightSpeed's revolutionary "one-click" purchasing process allows you to compile stock orders and back-orders in record time and change suppliers on the fly.

  • Receive an entire purchase order, reserve product to all linked orders, and print labels for everything you receive, each with a single click.
  • Drag and drop new customer orders to link them with existing POs to keep stock flowing automatically.